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Fatherís name MR. Tree Pibanpakdi
Motherís name MRS.Usa Pibanpakdi
Date of birth March 22, 1954 Kanchanaburi Thailand at 7.40 am.
Educational Background 1962 High School Ė Daruna School, Rajburi
1964 Irrigation Certificate from Irrigation School
1966 Bachelor degree in Irrigation Engineering KU THAILAND
Experience 1966-1968 Irrigation Engineer , Royal Irrigation Dept.
Entering Monkhood

In 1968 at Wat Santisangkharam , Amphur Pannanikhom ,Sakolnakhorn

žPreceptor Master Uun Uttamo
Taking the Rain Retreat at Wat Tham Phaplong Chiengmai for 5 years
at Wat Santisangkaram Sakolnakhorn for 1 years
at Wat Khampramong Sakolnakhorn for 22 years
at Watpa Nakrai Omgoy Chiengmai for 1 year
Practicting the Dharma His first master is The Venerable Grand Master Sim Bhudhajaro at Wat Tham Pha Plong in Chiengmai Thailand
Dhamma Teacher

He studied The Routine Practice of many masters such as :

  • The Venerable Grand Master Mun Phuritta Dhara
  • The Venerable Grand Master Test Testrangsri
  • The Venerable Grand Master Bhudda Thawaro
  • The Venerable Master Ruesri Lingdum
  • The Venerable Master Van Sujinno
  • The Venerable Master Bhudda Thad Phiku

Those are all Spiritual Icons of Thailand

The primary cause of building Arokhayasal Wat Khampramong THAILAND

In 1996 Pra Paponpatchara had had Nasopharyx Cancer .He took both conventional medicine and Herbal medicine including Meditation therapy until he recovered and be in normal condition.-no more cancer.

In 2004 he established ďArokhayasalĒ with strong intention to render service of Cancer treatment and healing by using herb and meditation therapy.As the head of monastery (Wat Khampramong) he treats the ill by himself.

Originally he planed to have 23 beds only .It ends up with 40 beds at present. The construction of Arokayasal has completely finished in 2006.Details of the building are as follows:-

  1. Front entrance is the big Bhudda Image named Pra Bhuddha Paisatchayakuruwaitoolyapapa (The model of Buddha with a bell inside) Thai ,Tibet and Chinese people believe that Pra Kring is an Expert in healing all kind of desease for humanity
  2. Registration section like ordinary hospitals.
  3. Examining rooms Ėseparate men and women.
  4. Ultrasound room
  5. Herbal Suana room
  6. Healthy Food Center
Arokhayasal is very well known in term of ď Free of Charge TreatmentĒ .There never be any charge even a single baht from Cancer sufferers. There have been donations over Baht 100 million over 6years during 2005 until Apr 2010.This amount of money were spent for approximately 1,900 cancer patients .Half of them have been able to go home and live happily with their family ĖCancer Symptom Free.!!

Because of the success and achievement in the care of the ill, Arokhayasal is determine to progress in Cancer Treatment and Healing at nonstop pace .The next aim is to have a research institute to develop the School of Holistic Health CANCER Care in Thailand.