ďKeep Smiling even though you have cancer as your buddyĒ

Meditation Therapy and Treatment for Cancer
A Lecture at Royal Irrigation Department
Bangkok, Thailand
May 25, 2006

ďKeep Smiling even though you have cancer as your buddyĒ

The circumstances of the world is to be at the present time, we can see that it
is rather confusing and busy. There are a lot of problems exist at the same time like making appointment. There are also the condition of nature, environment, religion, political, economy and medical of public health. If we see with fair mind and we arenít for ourselves, we will be able to see that it exists from humanís doing absolutely. The sickness which exists, especially the cancer which exists everywhere, there are many causes and factors from humanís behavior.

Thai herbal nursing home Wat Kompramong Pannanikhom District, Sakonnakorn province is the alternative of the patients who have cancer. They can cure with the natural ways of therapy by the ways of Dhamma which mixed with the old way of medical and the current modern medical which has harmony perfectly. On the basis of love, kindness and devoting of the monks, doctors, nurses, pharmacist and the person in various branches who co-operate to take care of the patients of the cancer and their families to have better lives. No expenses to be paid for supporting our country, religion, His Majesty the King to be in the real world as long as to be able to be.

Dr. Siriroj : Today we would like to talk about taking care and healing of cancer by Luangta Paponpatchara Jirathammo of Kompramong Temple, describing as the features of the monk and the physicians to talk together. We would like to talk about the cancer including with taking care and treatments with current and alternative medical which is the highlight of the speaking today, that is the treatment of the cancer by Thai Herbal Nursing Home. Luangta Paponpatchara is the person who takes the initiative of the treatment which mixed between herbs and meditation therapy. Firstly I would like Assistant Professor Dr. Pornlert Chatkaew to talk about the cancer that what the cancer is then talking about the treatments. I would like to introduce about Dr. Pornlert a little, please.

Dr. Pornlert :
Thank you, Dr. Siriroj, to pay respect to Phrakunjow, Deputy of the chief of Department, and every interested persons. Basically, I am not the doctor who treats especially the cancer, but I take care of the patients at the ICU of surgical. A lot of people who have cancer, their lives will have ended at the ICU. Mostly cancer can be cured by having operation, as well besides curing by radioactive or chemotherapy. The things I will talk in order to want to link with the current modern medical and as well I would like to link with something that will have happened in Thailand. This is a strong point of our country because there is no place like ours which has some ways how to help the patients. And the slides will have shown the gap or weak points of some current modern medical which needs taking care and filling completely. For the cancer if the cancer is tumor, a lump of tissues, mostly it is a lump of tissues, but it is special that it is seriously ill. The normal tumor existing spends a long time for months to a year before It exists bigger and bigger. But the cancer will grow rapidly in the time of months and this will grow with nonstop. When it meets anything else if it sticks to the bone, it will bite and eat into the bone. It sticks to liver, lungís tissues, brainís tissues will spread deeply, it has qualification that when it can enter to the current of blood or the current of lymph, it will be able to breed a new ill-cell exists in other organs. We can see that someone begins with the cancer in intestines, later it can spread to exist in the liver because the liver can receive a lot of blood or it can spread to the lungs, or spread to the brain, that is its nature. The cancer exists from the changing of normal cell, changing in the type of chromosome. And later it expands with nonstop, it will become to the change of the bigger and bigger tumor. As in the first picture, it is the characteristic of normal cell which increases its expansion. For example; we see a lump of tissue to be a wart on the skin or a bigger lump, that doesnít matter. But cancer cells have their own characteristics that their morphology is different from any other cells, and they begin to invade into the basal layer through the dermis of skin and in to blood stream to anywhere else of our body. Cancer can occur from almost any organs. breast, lung, colon. ect. Each different source of cancer brings about different symptoms, for example, colon cancer will cause gut obstruction, liver cancer will cause jaundice. Cancer is not a transmitted disease like flu or AIDS. However, there are some kinds of cancer that are inherited in family members. There are many means of treatment and therapy for patients with cancer, but the most desired goal is to extend the life expectancy, and to cure(if it is possible),or at least to delay the time of death. There are two main ways to increase quality of life of the patients who are suffering from cancer, which are
1. to irradicate the cancer cells
2. to support and maintain the patientsí lives.

To irradicate the cancer cell is to extend life expectory and to cure the disease as well i.e. in colon cancer without operation, the mortality rate(MR) in 1 year would be more than 50%, but if operated, the patients can possibly survives for more than 3 years. Operation can also reduce the symptoms of colon cancer, for example, to operate to colon cancer can help the patients to eat again or can pass feces normally. On the contrary, the supportive treatment is to help lessening the symptoms of cancer so that the patients can live on in case the cancer tumor cannot be operated, but what can doctor do to relief the symptoms and making them less suffering. Therefore, doctors should concern about psychictry which is to deal with the mental problems of the patients and their family as well, starting from the first time of telling bad news until the last stages. Discussing briefly about the treatment of cancer, if you have known anybody with tumor, that is not mestastalic and solitary, it can be operated. Nevertheless, there are source kinds of cancer that cannot i.e. brain tumor which lies in deep, this cannot be operated. However, there are still other choice of treatment such as radiation. Somekinds of cancer i.e. neck cancer (nasopharyngeal Ca) should not be operated because the organ can possibly loss of function, so it should be radiation therapy that helps. And for chemotherapy, as the nature of cancer cells is to grow rapidly and invade hungrily, so there is weak point that the chemical can go attack and kill them. However, this chemotherapy also kills benign cells as you may see that some patient who can treated with chemotherapy look non- healthy and canít tolerate its side effects (i.e. nausea /vomiting, alopecia) Another mean of cancer treatment is hormone therapy which is used insome specific kinds of cancer i.e. breast Ca, testicular Ca. Recently combination therapy is applied for the most effective therapeutic results some cancers can be treated by immune-enhancement. In the coming future, gene therapy for cancer is discussed, or even block the angiogenesis that give blood supply to the cancer cells, so the cancer tumor would ischemia and death. For the result of treatment, patient can survive for some time but still there are some problems that in the view of up-to-date medicine, mainly the tumor is focused, to treat is to irradicate it and the patient would be happier. However, many persons who have cancer are not that lucky that they are always too late when they know that cancer has invaded their liver. These cancers in advance stages cannot be operated, cannot be treated by radiation so that the goal of treatment to cure completely is hardly possible therefore, the doctors must have some means and methods to help supportive the patients in late stage of cancer A large number of cancer patients cannot be successfully cured, so doctor and health care providers should learn the way to make patient s less suffer. There is a case study of government of health of a young man with lymphoma, last stage. He was treated by current medication for sometimes, but clinical not improved, His symptoms were getting worse. At that time, he could not even walk or sleep because the cancer had invaded to his bony skeletons and it was so painful. Yet he could eat and talk but not for long. Times-went by and his symptoms were still getting worst, he voided unconsciously, difficulty to breathe, he could not talk because of sputum full of his chest when the time had come, he knew that it was the last day of his life, he told his wife to be with him, and that he knew his time was coming and the he passed away with his wifeís hand in his. From this case study, you will see that cancer can cause many different signs and symptoms, 80% painful and suffering; 70% anorexia and nausea/vomiting; 50% insomnia, nearly 50% breathing difficulties, hardly to void, stupor and pressure sore. The pain form cancer is not like the pain of headache that can rapidly be reliefed by medicine. Cancer pain is systemic. Nowadays, the most effective analgesics is morphine group, but it has major side effects with constipation, nausea/vomiting, breathing difficulties. So in some types of cancer that cause nausea and constipation, if we treat pain with morphine, the pain would be reduced but the patients would have suffering from drug adverse effects which are constipation and nausea/vomiting. The symptoms would swing off and on from one symptom to another. Somatic treatment has its own limit that it cannot be fully treated. Another case study is a case of thyroid Ca that treated with operation and I131 abrasion, but when follow up later, lungs and bone metastasis were found. This is the nature of cancer. Even when its source has not been discovered, it has invaded to another site. To radiation, it can harm babies and pregnant women, elderly persons. This case of thyroid CA was treated by I131 abrasion, when doing the period of treatment, she could not be or live together in the same room with her family members. She had to write letters to contact them like an old Thai movies. Her daughter who was a nurse, took care of her with both current medications and Thai herbal medicines. This is an example of Thai family, even in ones with doctor or nurse. To completely cure cancer, we would focus on the tumor, but the point is we have to concern about the patient as the same time. Sometimes, cancer patients are suffering from their disease much more them they should. If father has developed cancer, and his son has no time to take care and look after him for he felt like he didnít treat his father good enough before he passed away. Nonetheless, a sudden death is even more suffering to family members since they did not even have time to say goodbye and that it brings about shock and tragedy to family.

Patients have to cope with 3 days.
1. Emotional shock, the first stage immediately happens when one knows the diagnosis of cancer.
2. Dysphoria, may be presented with difficulty to breath, constipation, or urinary incontinence.
3. End-of-life stage, the stage one feels hopeless due to more severity of difficulty to breath or speak, and realization that one is dying. This stage can be occur in early, middle, or late stage of cancer depend on the time cancer was diagnosed. For conclusion, holistic approaches of these patients in each stage is important, in the first stage we should care of the patientís discomfort both medication and non Ė medication treatments. The examples of non Ėmedical treatments are psychotherapy, relaxation techniques and alternative treatments such as massage, aromatherapy, or the combination of all treatments. The second Ėstage care emphasize the care of psychosocial and emotional factors. And the third- stage care is the spiritual care which integrate the family to the treatment team and consider how to treat the patients for death with diginity and how to support the loss in patientís relatives.

Dr. Siriroj :
Thank you Dr. Pornlert for the conclusion of the cancer in modern medicine. In modern medicine cancer was known as the abnormality of hereditary substance (DNA) in their cells. But in these abnormalities, nobody know the cause of this, but we know that its behavior was to grow and penetrates other organs which result in the dead of the host. Modern therapeutic method aims the course of treatment in destroying the cancer such as surgery (to remove), chemotherapy (to destroy the cell), hormonal therapy, inhibit their supply by removal or occlude vessel which the cancer is using, cryotherapy and cauterization because in our objective we realize that cancer is the foreign body that we have to get rid of them, if we canít it means that the treatment is only palliative. We now see the typical of modern medicine. Cancer condition is a serous one, can we still laugh? Itís true that in my hospital doesnít like this (laughing all the time), patient who have gotten cancer may die in only 6 months. In the northeast of Thailand bile duct and liver cancer are very common, I knew that their families were very sad, when the diagnostic was finished, doctor usually tells their patient, what youíve gotten but the relations told me not to tell patient the truth or not the patient may gets worst. Letís see the other atmosphere. In ďnon disease placeĒ (Arokhayasarn) Khampramong temple which is directed by Phra Paponpatchara who was all the time laughter. His laugh is for better atmosphere which is his way of cancer therapy in end stage patients.

I would like to ask you ďPhra PaponpatcharaĒ to tell the atmosphere of Arokhayasarn, which may be the heart of this lecture. At first I would like to introduce his history, he was graduated from Irrigation College, today I have known lotís of his college friends and also the promoter of this lecture, in 2519 after graduated from department of irrigation faculty of engineer Kasetsart university (2519 is the year of democracy crisis in Thailand) he then work as engineer in irrigation department. Not for a long time in his work, he had faith in Buddhist religion, then he ordained until now as Phra bhiksu Paponpatchara Jirathummo, chief of Khampramong temple, Phannanikom district, Sakolnakorn province, if you go to Sakolnakorn to Khumpramong temple you will meet him for sure. He is Luangpuu Sim Phuttajaro,Thamphaplong temple Chiangdao district Chiangmai province,ís student. He has had nasopharyngeal cancer which he has been treat with modern medicine, alternative medicine, natural therapy and meditation therapy until the cancer gone. Today he can work from 4.00 am until 11.00 pm everyday, so we have seen that he engross in treatment of his patient without cost or benefit gained. At this temple is the last place for end stage cancer patient because most of this state patients doctors usually ask them to wait for dying at home. So some patient seek for further treatment at Arokhayasarn.
So, Phra Paponpatchara would you please continue your lecture

Phra Paponpatchara : Dr. Siriroj and Dr. Pornlert have talked to me at Raksakol hospital for doctors nurse and other audience about end of life care, so, today Dr. Chatchaval wants me to talk about that here in status of decommitted irrigation department because I Ďve heart that irrigation department has lots of people who has cancer esp. mind cancer which is hard to cure so I would like to say thank you to two doctors who help me in modern medicine and also the mind therapy. To cure cancer, concentration to mind is very important. If we treat cancer only in organic the result wonít be so good because treatment is very aggressive for example chemotherapy is very torture, radiation is torture and surgery is also torture. So, here is the suffering and torture which is very uninhabitable pity then cancer patient come here from every parts of Thailand. Even Dr. who was graduated from America came and died here which is smiling die not a crying die, most important is only this. Talking about cancer, I donít want everybody to be serious, I want to ask you that, have you ever watched Dajungkum (soup opera about Korean doctor). Is she teaches about cancer therapy or only the cooking. So, everybody. I want to see you broís. smiling to me, is it beautiful? It means that we donít make our mind to be serious about everything especially cancer therapy which must not be serious, so I canít serious too. Because seriously men come to see me a lot since gets up.

I havenít eaten anything even it is already 11.30 am. Because it is too much the persons with cancer, they come to me take their hearts to me, put their lives in y hands. With love to the mankind which is greater than love to the money, when the patient come to me, some ask how much does it cost? But I said nothing I only want them to cure, and go back home happily or if they canít be cure I just want them to die happily donít be afraid be happy even more than the healthy.
The routine of the person with cancer is to prey, give offering to the monk and take medication in the morning they will get happiness and exercise at the same time.

At this time we use Dhamma (Bhuddism) and Samathi (meditation) to cure cancer. Doctor Siriroj will be there with us, many hours per day some time until midnight, he has done this with heart. Dr. Siriroj and Dr. ponlert told me that the thing that I have done is great and this program canít be done even in United state of America , it is the new way of treatment for cancer with love and care, think of the patient first not only their physicals but also mentals need to be tackle. Since 2005 until now (june, 2006) there are 260 people, the cases are vary but most of them are end stage cancer, when they die they die with smile and say ďdonít worry about themselves.Ē
I know the disease is too hard to cure some time the doctor said the value of serum GPT-GOT is too high for cells to survive but the person can stay, and when they die there is no pain, no miserable. I donít mean to let you all had cancer but just want to remind if we had it we will be survive with it, any people are the same. I just want you to know that to have cancer is critical can change the hell to the heaven can lead some one to Nirvada, and this is the good point of cancer. Many people with cancer and they could live with it happily , no miserable , no enemy feeling , the way to achieve this is to understand the nature , to know that it is just this, and you can stay with it, even what it is , one day we have to die , cancer is our best friends die together with us.
Donít be scared if you have cancer, open your mind with cancer, you still have strength to take herbal medication and do good deed, with this could improve serum chemicals, when you prey your stop the mind and also the disease.

If we focus the cancer and canít be cure this will put more miserable on the heart and this will accelerated the disease, in other way, think it is normal and if we are lucky enough to think that, to know that we have untreatable cancer, is the Alarm sign to make us alert to tackle with it and to make us find way to Nirvada or heaven faster. To have cancer is small for us, the greater is empowering oneself. To have enpower mind will let us see the solution. When the patient come to me I will test him first to see the mind level and treat him in the step of his nature gradually fix and enrich , different person get different way because of the nature of oneself is individual.

I give the patient my herbal medication along with the modern medicine that the patient being treated by the doctors , and this could yield positive effect to each other , the chemical treatment will kill cancer cell and the WBC , my herbal will regain the WBC. The government has once come to see my place and said we could join the make the most benefits for the patients.
Some patients get better and want to help his relative who has cancer and took the herbal medication for them, this is not always good some even get worse because this is individual, I need to test first to see the level of the patient and prescribe. Another thing that is important is the relative, come to empower mind and please donít cry in front of the patient because they are already sad enough. In other aspect every one is the same, though you are the CEO, or the farmer, you are the same when you get cancer and once when you understand it you can get away from it. One patient is the CEO, he has tried many treatment then he started getting pain and swollen from legs to face but he died with smile, not only this patient that happy even until the last breath but also his relatives because to have time to understand and adjust themselves to it , like in this case the relative said the doctors said he could die faster than this but with the treatment with me (the monk , Luang-ta or Phra Paponpatchara) give him and the family the time to get away from the misery before patientís last breath. If you donít believe in soles please come to stay with me there are many cases that has died and come said he want to stay with me. I still need the volunteers to help me prepare the herbal medication.

Dr Siriroj : Iím a doctor taught by modern medicine. We believe in what we can prove, which is the scientific principle. What we cannot prove must be investigated further before believing. For example, some people believe in nirvana (the state that is free from any mind-contaminants), but some donít. Only the ones who can achieve that can tell. About meditation and herbal medicine, I think it comes from undependible modern medicine for uncurable diseases. However, finding the auspicious time for preparing the medicine is questionable. Some said that it comes from Brahman religion. But I think differently, I think human beings and planets were born together. Since the bigbang, tens of billions years ago, about 1.1 trillion galaxies have been born. There are about a hundred billion stars in each galaxy, and humans are born from stars. Itís undoubable that people and stars are connected. This is what ancient people found long time ago but modern people donít realize and think it doesnít make sense. I think it really makes sense to find the best auspicious time to cure the disease.When patients are under treatment, they modify their behavior. Smoking, alcoholic drinking, and toxic eating habit are quit. Meditation also makes patientsí mind better. This is the mechanism for our immune system to protect us from cancer. When we are in good health, this system works well. When we are sick, it is broken. This behavior modification will restore it to the better state. Wheather cancer can be controlled or not depends on many factors. If progressing to much, it cannot be controlled. So we will go on with the audiencesí question.

Question: Which stage of cancer are you in? How can it be cured?

Phra Paponpatchara :
When I was first diagnosed cancer in 1996, I hadnít known what cancer was. I donít even know the word ďcancerĒ. What changed me occurred when I performed meditation at 3 oíclock in the morning in 11 April 1996 during Songkran days (Traditional Thai new year). I sneezed blood all over. I really wondered what happened to me. I visited my physicient at the Hospital. Intranasal biopsy was done and the appointment for the pathology result was made. 15 days later, doctor told me itís the cancer. I was not angry, many people didnít have this disease. I telephoned to my sister who is the medical staff at Medical school. My sister brough me to a machine and said that the disease progressed very much. I was admitted to the hospital. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy were all done. I experienced pain and realized what cancer patients felt. I was sympathy to that. If it werenít the meditation, I couldnít withstand it, especially the first shot of chemotherapy which was really hurt from the puncture site through the blood stream to the heart. Radiotherapy also made my saliva gone. I couldnít speak for months.After chemoradiotherapy was finished. Doctor come to me telling that he planed for another bigger course of treatment and asked me whether I could withstand it. I accepted. This time, after many weeks of the treatment, I though it was too much. At last, I though I better died than continued doing this. Nothing was important to me any more. After that, I started herbal medicine. At the beginning, I was indifferent from the previous treatment. I couldnít eat food and drink water. I had to perform meditation from 3 to 6 oíclock in the morning. I read the whole big herbal medicine book and know what formula is the best for me. I asked the nun to bring the specific ingredients for me. The first portion I took at 10 oíclock in the evening made all the symptoms gone. I could eat and breathe freely now. The important thing is your mind. I studied further and deeper and understood how to cure myself. I was better. But I couldnít tell anyone, my nose still bleeded. Series of meditation made bleeding gone. This was resulted from the integration of meditation, disease, and medicine, both modern and herbal ones. Modern medicine doctors are also good. But patient was also meant to be designated to the specific doctor. Since any doctors were different in their experience, their mind, their skill, it depends on the patientís fate.
Is there anymore question, doctor?

Dr Siriroj : Next question, a 31 year old woman have consumed toxic substance all her life. She wonders what it will effect her body and her kidney, and what father can help her.

Phra Paponpatchara :
one engineer came to me after she knew she had cancer and been treated with many hospital and canít be cure, when she first met me she cried a lot , she couldnít make her mind, all of her family are engineers also her husband , she has 1 little daughter, she was 40 yrs old , after I could feel her heart let her see the truth and understand that what she could win in the heart not the body , let the body goes. She stay with me for 1 week and then back to write the note to give her properties arrange every thing that need to be done after she passes away, then she said she Ďs ready , now she couldnít help herself , need the nurse to do everything but she Ďs happy.

Dr. Pornlert :
modern chemicals that use in treating cancer need to be prove before using with the patient and there still be some adverse effect that may happen to some body and there still be long term effect that we couldnít explain.

Phra Paponpatchara :
This is compatible with my method , I see the patient first and prescribe what is suit for him and finely adjust to minimized the adverse effect.

Dr. Siriroj :
some one ask , his company has a lot of dept and he was put on a lot of stress how can he die happily. I , not the monk , answer : donít focus on the performance of the company because there are many factors affect it and we cannot control but what we could control is our heart not to want much target, happy for what we could do , like the mink eat just 1 time a day no wife. We are better than that . lower our target will help lower our stress. Try to smile with every thing happen to us and everything will be just fine. Dr. Pornlert wants to answer as well.

Dr. Pornlert :
I used to be anesthetized and my anesthetic doctor friend said that I looked like being smile while I was unconscious. Because I always think that the family could run with out me, do everyday in my life with this concept, like to have dept I will do it in the concept that the family could pay back with out me more over I always do good deed , so every minute I am ready to go and not scared even the most dreadful lost , the death. And this could apply to other lost happen to us try to smile with it, such as change work place, retired , or lost things, cars.

Phra Paponpatchara :
about the target that cannot reach , you need to be sober , do meditation to calm the mind and slowly think of the solution to improve the target and in the same time do good deed and find the balance of your self.

Dr. Siriroj :
another person asks how could he prepared if he want to come look around the temple?
Phra Paponpatchara: if you had cancer no need to, even dog I still could help.

Dr. Siriroj :
another person asks how can you manage the temple is there any organization helping?
Phra Paponpatchara : volunteer doctors ,nurses, pharmacists and technicians and now the public of health coming to help.

Dr. Siriroj :
I would like to ask Dr Pornlert, who specialized in cancer, is it right : not to tell the patient the truth that he has cancer and doesnít it yield better result by not to tell comparing to telling the truth?

Dr. Pornlert : depends , some one know and commit suicide but if someone can cope with it, it is good to know to arrange and adjust live. In modern medicine if we cant cure we still have way to calm mind by decreased the pain to decreased the load to the mind. We can stable the physical to let the mind stable itself and finally govern the physical.

Phra Paponpatchara : right , doctor. Use the mind to govern the physical. Find the balance in the mind will lead to no stress and no miserable stage , then move to improve the balance of the physical.

Dr. Siriroj : one question , could normal people take the herbal medication?. Like me I take it and find even more healthy , for the sick depends , some take 7 pots, some take 10-20 pots. Finally can Loung-Ta tell the way to improve the mind?

Phra Paponpatchara : you have to try and you will know, like having meal you canít tell until you eat it.

Dr. Siriroj : now can you make a conclusion ? , for other question you can look in the website.

Phra Paponpatchara : if everything that we have said today is beneficial please give all the benefits to Mor Chee Vok , Pra Rat Bi Da, and let me do everything as I wish , also yield benefit to the medical world and this world . For the sick , you are always welcome , for the doctor please open and join to compromise and make most for the patient . Hope god bless you all.

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